Dog Training-5 essential commands you can teach your dog

a guide on dog training

A Guide on Dog Training Dogs have been man’s best friends for more than 15000 years. Getting along with them and Dog Training is not a difficult task. Although there are quite a few things you should keep in mind. Here is a guide on Dog Training and a few tips and tricks on How […]

How are Bully Sticks made – Dogs Bully Sticks all natural treat

How are Bully Sticks made

Bully Sticks – The All Natural Treat Treats like jerky or rawhide chews are popular with most pet owners. However, not all dog treats are safe. The treats we give our pets are important. (How are bully sticks made?) They can give them energy, support their immunity and most importantly entertain them! On the other […]

Dog exercise-Getting Your Dog’s Energy Out!Read once!

dog exercise

How to safely exercise your dog or puppy Exercise is the most important part of human and animal life. With exercise, you get more energy and feel more active than any other non-exercising human or animal. (dog exercise) A dog is like a family member and his owner always want a best and active dog […]

bad dog behavior- Common Dog Behavior Issues

bad dog behaviors and what they mean

Your Dog Behaviors and What They Mean If you are worried about bad dog behavior and you are curious about why your dog does the freak activity. Always dogs learned to live with humans and obviously like to please us. But, we still have to train them to avoid some of their more destructive behaviors. […]