A Guide on Dog Training: Best Essential Commands

Dogs have been man’s best friends for more than 15000 years. Getting along with them and Dog Training is not a difficult task.

Although there are quite a few things you should keep in mind. Here is a guide on Dog Training and a few tips and tricks on How to raise them correctly.

Giving Obedience Training to your dog

Some basic commands make the relationship between the dog and the owner much easier. However, it may require some time and patience.

Dog trainning
  • Try to train them in areas free from distractions, especially in the initial stages.
  • Make use of a leash. Treat them for following your orders and don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work out for the first few days.
  • Make sure you have his attention and a treat in your hand.

Dog Training to SIT on command

  • Make use of the treat to guide him to the position by slowly moving your hand.
  • As soon as he gets to the position, firmly say SIT and give him his reward. You can even use some hand gesture so that he can learn to recognize it slowly.
  • If he’s having trouble in getting into the position, you can use gentle push with your hands.

In a similar way, other commands like DOWN, STAY and COME and be taught.

A Guide on Dog Training to guard the house

Selection of the right breed plays an important role here. German Shepherds and Doberman are wonderful for this purpose.

However other breeds can also be trained to guard houses. Remember, these dogs are for security purposes and not attack dogs.

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  • Make them used to the noises like those of traffic, sounds of other dogs, thunderstorm etc. And let them socialize so that they can identify friends and family. This will help them differentiate between normal and threatening scenarios.
  • Give them Basic Obedience Training – simple instructions like Sit, Down, Stay. This is better at a small age before they develop any bad habits.
  • Reward them with treats for their good behaviour and completely ignore them if they misbehave. This is called Positive Reinforcement.
  • Run your property with your dog. It will help them recognize their property.
  • Train them to control their barking. Teach them to bark whenever someone enters your property and stop when given a specific command. Make use of treats for this.
  • Be consistent on your commands. This will allow your dog to understand you better.
dog training guide
dog training guide

A Guide on Dog Training with a whistle

It feels so delightful when your dog runs back to you from a far distance as soon as he hears a single whistle. This technique can be taught easily.

  • Keep some dog food in your hand. Just go near the dog, pip and give him the food. Do this several times for a week.
  • Use a short leash while taking him for a walk. Randomly stop and pip and let your pup come to you a couple of steps to get his treat.
  • After some time, increase the distance. Use a long leash or no leash at all. Pip from a distance from where he can see you. As soon as he comes running to you, praise him and offer him the treat.

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One of the major challenges owners face with a new pet is to train them for the toilet. Some dogs learn it quickly while others take some time.

  • Look for signs like circling, barking, whining or any sudden behaviour change. When you see any of them, take him outside.
  • Make a sudden noise or loudly say ‘No’ if you find him pooping indoors and lead him outside. This will slowly make him understand that you disapprove of it.
  • Locate a spot that is easy to reach for relaxation as well as easy to clean. Take your dog there whenever you go for a walk. This will help them recognize the place to go every time for poop.
  • Praise your puppy every time it uses the appropriate area.

A Guide on Dog Training Teach your dog not to jump on guests

Dogs get excited when they see anyone entering through the door and this is the reason 99.9% of them jump. They can be taught not to do so and Dog Training not to jump on guests.

Initially use a leash tied at some distance from the door. Completely ignore them on entering if they try to jump and greet them only after they are calm.

  • When a guest enters, open the leash but keep hold of the other end. Press it with your leg too so as to stop him from jumping.
  • Teach him to sit 3-4 feet away from the guest.
  • After some time, stop putting your leg on the leash. He would feel he couldn’t jump and naturally won’t.

Yorkshire Terrier Training-Breed Specific Puppy Training Technique Best Values

Tiny and cute but with bigger-than-life personalities, Yorkshire Terriers can be tough to train if you don’t stand your ground. Mindy Berg’s Yorkshire Terrier training guide is a great resource for both people who are considering buying a puppy as well as new Yorkie owners who need a little help getting through the puppy stage.

Handling dog in the crowd can at times be a difficult situation. His reaction to the people, smells etc as well as the dangers of the crowd itself can cause trouble. There are some simple tricks that can help.

  • Start off with less crowded places. A bad experience in the initial stages can develop fear in their minds.
  • Teach him to focus on you through some simple command. This will help while moving through large crowds. Also, he will learn to walk right by your side.
  • Keep the dog close to you. Closer he is, safer he’ll feel.
  • Always have an eye on him so that he doesn’t indulge in fights with other dogs or any such mischievous activities.