Best Flea and Tick Prevention For Dogs: How! Read to know

Dogs hardly ever cause any trouble to their human parents, except for occasional breaking things,(Best flea and tick prevention for dogs) chewing your favourite sock, barking at midnight for no reason and such minor, ‘occasional’ trouble.

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

The Seresto 8-month flea and tick collar for small dogs provides continuous 8-month flea and tick protection. Unlike oral flea and tick prevention products that require fleas and ticks to bite your pet to work, Seresto flea and tick collar for small dogs kills fleas and ticks through contact—no biting required. Seresto flea and tick prevention is also available for cats.
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Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

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Nothing much, nothing non-manageable, but one thing that is really troublesome to dog parents are the fleas and ticks that accompany a dog.

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Best Dog Cure

They are almost unavoidable, they are like hangovers after a great party, unwanted but they come with the deal. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)

These parasites are harmful to dogs and every dog has at least once been infected with them, if not more.

Dogs with longer hair, denser fur very susceptible to these parasites, as the warm temperature provided by the number and thickness of fur hair are ideal for their breeding.
A female flea lays up to 50 eggs a day, thus a rapid infestation can be caused within days. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)


FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs Best Values

FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs has been trusted by veterinarians for flea and tick control for dogs for nearly 20 years. Made with 2 tough killing ingredients, fipronil and (S)-methoprene – one to kill adult fleas and ticks and the second to kill flea eggs and larvae.

Do flea collars work on a dog?

Though both are blood-sucking parasites, that attack warm-blooded mammals, they are different in their own way.
A flea generally does not transmit diseases, it does not latch itself to the animal and can easily be removed and killed by squeezing it between your fingers. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)

As they do not latch themselves to the skin, a simple dip in the tub also removes them.
A tick, on the other hand, transmits diseases.

It latches itself to the animal by biting it, it is also the way it feeds. Removing it is a tedious process and requires great care. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)

Best flea and tick prevention for dogs

To remove a tick, use a tweezer, push the tick close to the skin and then pull it vertically, this method ensures that the mouth of the tick is not left in the skin, thus leading to reduced chances of infection.

After the removal, the bite area should be wiped by an antibacterial liquid and an antibacterial gel should be applied, this will reduce the irritation and the chances of infection.

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Be careful not to press on the bloated stomach of the tick during the removal, or else the tick would burst to leave the mouth attached to the skin and making your dog susceptible to infection. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)

Home remedies for fleas in the dog

Dogs get fleas and ticks from outdoor. Grasses, the wild, plants, and various such places are infected with ticks and fleas. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)
They can go months without food and when your dogs walk and smell these areas, fleas crawl and hop and infect the dog, while the tick latches itself to the paw, ear or stomach of the dog.

Tick Remover Set with Small and Large Tick Twister

Tick Remover Set with Small and Large Tick Twister Best Values

This system of tick removal was created by a French veterinarian. It removes the entire head of the tick without squeezing the abdomen to minimize the risk of infection. It's easy to mount to a key ring, making it easy to keep on hand and use in a pinch. This removes ticks from dogs, cats, horses, and people without the use of chemicals. Comes with both a small and large tick remover.

Fleas and Ticks can breed in your house too, on your pouch, mattresses, behind radiators, corners, gaps, garden, house plants etc.
Thus it is important to keep your house clean, regularly change or clean the mattresses, fogging your house once a month while you and your dog are away and maintaining basic hygiene, can help reduce their breeding. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)

Flea and tick prevention tips for dog

If your dog is scratching or licking a lot, has red spots, or you can see black droppings or white specks then your dog might be infested with fleas, for ticks you often feel or see them while petting your dog. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)
A flea infestation might lead to anaemia especially in puppies, pale gums and lack of energy are caused by it. A flea’s saliva can cause an allergic reaction like red spots, irritated skin, loss of hair especially the tail and increased itching.
There are many types of ticks, all harmful in their own way. A brown dog tick causes ehrlichiosis, it is a bacterial infection that causes flu-like symptoms. A deer tick causes Lyme disease, which is fever, kidney problems, and joint pains.

Homoeopathic remedies for ticks 

Veterinarians would generally give a vaccine to prevent this disease, especially to dogs who live in areas infected with this tick.

Consult your veterinarian on whether your dog requires the vaccine or not. American dog tick causes potted fever and if attached for 20 hours, it can be fatal for dogs.

If your dog’s appetite has decreased, runs a fever, has joint pain or swelling chances are high that it is suffering by some tick-borne disease and it is imperative to seek medical assistance. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)

Ticks can also cause anaemia, skin infections and tick paralysis.

Ticks produce toxins which weaken the muscles of your dogs but once removed the dogs recover rapidly. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)

No dog owner wants to see their dog suffer so much and with the increased global warming, the ticks and fleas have increased in their numbers.

Nowadays we also prefer natural to chemical, artificial products, as they have problems of their own, thus, Here are some natural preventions, to avoid a tick-flea infestation.

Natural Flea and Tick Collar Best flea and tick prevention for dogs

Is a plastic collar that carries an insecticide (natural herbs and insecticide) which kills the parasites, thus preventing an infestation.
The dog should not lick, bite or take the collar in its mouth as it can be poisonous.

As prevention, anyone who handles the collar should wash their hands.

Though a natural collar is a lot less poisonous when compared to the other collars. For puppies, collars with lower amounts of insecticides should be used. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)

TickCheck Premium Tick Remover Kit - Stainless Steel Tick Remover

TickCheck Premium Tick Remover Kit – Stainless Steel Tick Remover Best Values

Kit includes stainless steel tick remover for safely removing larger embedded ticks, and a specially shaped super-fine-tip tweezer for removing nymphs and small deer ticks, in a leatherette pouch

These collars are effective for about a year, after which they have to be replaced by a new collar.

You can make one at home too! Just mix two tablespoons of almond oil with either palm santoor rose geranium oil and dab it around your dog’s collar before going out for a walk and voila! Infestation avoided! One thing to note is that they prevent an infestation, not cure it.

Does vinegar kill fleas?

Changes in the diet also can prevent infestation. Including garlic in the diet can repel the parasites as the smell excreted by the skin is not suitable for the parasites.
But care should be taken to not include too much garlic as it can cause anaemia in dogs, harming them.
Apple Cider Vinegar makes your dog’s blood more acidic and these parasites do not prefer it. Thus add two tablespoons to the food or water and prevent and cure the infestation. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)
But again the doctor should be consulted before making these dietary changes, so as to avoid causing harm to your dog.

Natural guide for removing fleas and tick

Herbal and natural tick powder also do the trick. Applying them twice a week or depending on the infestation, the application can change but it cures the infestation and prevents it.

They can be found online, or in herbal stores, they are easy to make too.

Natural flea killer

A citrus repellent that is lemon juice mixed in warm water, or in warm water pul sliced lemon, keep it overnight and spray on your dog, it also prevents infection.

But never apply citrus based oil as its contents are poisonous for your dog.

But this homemade repellent can be sprayed on your dog’s skin and fur, especially behind ears, tail, stomach, and paws to avoid and cure the infection. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)

What essential oils are good for fleas and ticks on dogs?

Several essential oils cure and prevent a tick infestation.
Oils such as Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil, repel these parasites.
but use only 5 drops and dilute it at least 80% and spray it on your dog.
Lavender oil, diluted can also be added to the shampoo. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)
Peppermint oil does not prevent the infestation but kills the flea larvae and reduces the skin irritation, thus applying small doses on the infected area helps.
There are many more oils such as neem oil, rose oil etc but it is better to consult the doctor and decide which is the best option for your dog.

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What is the best natural flea and tick prevention for dogs?

Herbal tick shampoos are also found in the market which prevents and cure an infestation.
Adding some essential oil to your dog’s regular shampoo also does the trick.
Homoeopathic medicines are an easy solution to a parasite infestation. Ledum Palustre is the most tried remedy.
It is a cure and preventive towards all kinds of tick bites and infestation.
It works to help and strengthens the defence mechanism against the infestation.
These medicines can also cure the Lyme disease through a vaccine exists for it.

Do’s and don’ts of Best flea and tick prevention for dogs

One thing to keep in mind is that every method may not suit your dog.
Going natural is good and healthy but you have a observe your dog after the method has been used. (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)
Your dog might be allergic, or the method would not be suiting your dog.
Natural measures can also be toxic if not carefully prescribed,
thus it is better to consult a veterinarian, before using them.
Also if you feel your dog has fallen sick after the measure has been used.
It is better to seek medical help.

Dog’s natural do’s and don’ts of Best flea and tick prevention for dogs

A good preventive measure is to give your dog regular baths, sunbath them, brush them regularly.
There are special brushes that catch fleas and ticks. Always kill the flea and ticks to avoid your house being infested by them.
Grooming your dog,
regularly checking their paws,
ears, stomach, armpits for ticks and fleas is a good way to catch them early.
Maintaining basic hygiene and cleanliness also prevents their breeding.
I hope this article was useful! Stay tuned for more useful articles! (Best flea and tick prevention for dogs)