Essential Oils For Dogs (Are They Safe)

Has your dog started losing weight despite showing an increase in appetite? Is he always thirsty and urinate a lot? Chances are that your dog has diabetes. (ESSENTIAL OILS FOR DOGS)

Diabetes is a serious disease where the glucose-insulin connection, that is insulin is not able to properly deliver glucose, the fuel of the body to the cells., is not properly functioning.

There are two types of diabetes, one called Insulin Deficiency diabetes, where the dog’s pancreas is not functioning properly and thus are unable to produce adequate insulin.

This type called Insulin- resistance diabetes occurs the most in dogs and the dog thus requires daily shots of insulin.

What work essential oils for a diabetic dog?

Another type is where the dog’s body is not utilizing the insulin produced. This type is common among old, obese dogs.

Females can develop temporary insulin resistance when pregnant or in heat.

Diabetes is a chronic disease with horrible consequences, the poor dog’s bloodstream is filled with excess sugar but the cells keep demanding for more sugar.

Thus the famished cells start breaking down the fat and roteins in the body, in an attempt to find an alternative energy source.

What essential oils for dogs and how to use?

On the other hand, the high sugar level in the bloodstream acts as a poison and damages multiple organs like kidneys, nerves, heart etc.

The symptoms also have a negative impact, in advance cases, the signs are advanced like depression, vomiting, lack of energy etc.

If not treated, diabetes can cause cataracts that lead to blindness, an enlarged liver, urinary tract infections, deadly seizures, kidney failures and ketoacidosis which is life-threatening.

Ketoacidosis is a condition of vomiting, rapid breathing, lethargy, dehydration etc.

How diabetes can affect any dog? 

Some dogs are more susceptible than others as Diabetes can affect any dog.

  • Older dogs are more susceptible. Diabetes generally develops around the age of five in dogs.
  • Gender seems to be playing an important role as unsprayed females are more likely to develop diabetes than unsprayed males.
  • Obese dogs are at a higher risk of getting diabetes than normal weight dogs.

Obesity can be fatal. Diabetes is not the only illness obesity attracts, thus if your dog is obese, you need to take drastic steps to help your dog get in shape.

How do work essential oils for dogs?

  • If your dog has chronic or repeated pancreatitis, that is inflammation of the pancreas, he is more susceptible to diabetes as the organ might be damaged and thus unable to produce adequate insulin.
  • If your dog has been exposed to steroid medicines then they are more susceptible to developing diabetes.
  • If your dog has Cushing’s disease, that is that the body overproduces steroids leading to diabetes.
  • Genetics makes a few breeds such as poodles, pugs, a puli, beagles, various kinds of terriers.

Such as Australian terriers, fox terriers, cairn terriers etc, Samoyeds, Keeshonds, miniature schnauzer etc more susceptible to diabetes.

Essential oils for diabetic feet

Once you start noticing the symptoms, you should consult your vet. It is easy to diagnose diabetes.

The veterinarian will test for excess sugar in urine and blood and a blood test for high liver enzymes and electrolyte imbalances.

If tested positive then depending on the diabetes type, treatment would be charted out for your dog.

Having diabetes does not mean that your dog cannot have a normal life.

Manage Diabetes Naturally with Essential Oils

If the diagnosis is early and if you follow the treatment assigned then it is caked walk for your dog to have a normal life.

Treatment generally includes a diet chance which has more protein and fibre and is low on fat.

Includes exercise so as to avoid sudden changes in the glucose level and most dogs would require injections, that is daily shots of insulin.

10 best essential oils for diabetes

A recent trend related to diabetes is the use of essential oils to combat its symptoms.

People have started preferring to go natural, choosing natural products over artificial products.

Not much research has been done in this area but based on their properties and so-called effect on both humans and dogs, here are some best essential oils for diabetes.

A recent study on rats show that adding this to there diet, got the blood sugar levels in bloodstream down and pancreas was more active, helping in increasing the production of insulin.

1. Coriander Seed Oil – (ESSENTIAL OILS FOR DOGS)

Coriander Seed Oil -grown all over the world, it is known for treating digestive problems like diarrhea, indigestion and flatulence. Combating insulin deficiency diabetes.

Thus including this in our dog’s food might naturally increase the production of insulin.


Lemon Balm Oil is a less known oil, but research shows that using it might increase the consumption of sugar from the bloodstream.

Though this oil should be applied to your dog’s skin and not added to food. But the research is still on an earlier stage.


Clove Bud Oil – plays an essential role in preventing and managing type 2 diabetes.

Adding this to your dog’s diet reduces the level of those pancreatic enzymes that are linked with diabetes.

But one thing to keep in mind is that this oil helps prevent diabetes caused by oxidative stress.


Black Seed Oil – is a traditional medicine used to treat diabetes. This oil treats high blood sugar and the related issues that come with it.

Diabetes is often caused by oxidative stress and this oil is high on antioxidants, thus helping to reduce the diabetic complications caused by this oxidative stress.

Thus this oil with a wholesome diet can help reduce blood sugar level.


Black Pepper – Is useful for treating type 2 diabetes and it caused high blood pressure.

Its high level of antioxidants block enzymes that cause diabetes. This is an essential oil recommended for borderline diabetes.

6. Grapefruit Oil – (ESSENTIAL OILS FOR DOGS)

Grapefruit Oil – should be used to massage obese dogs after a workout as it helps relax muscles and lose weight leading to better health and diabetic symptoms.


Cinnamon Oil – Amazing in rolls, this dessert flavor seems to be good for diabetic dogs.

Regular intake is beneficial for insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, sugar levels in the blood.

Thus helps control diabetes and its symptoms.


Lavender Oil – helps in dealing with diabetic symptoms.

Regular use helps reducing sugar levels and oxidative stress, thus helping in preventing and treating diabetes in your dog.


Davana Oil – used for years in Indian cultures, this extract when had orally reduces blood sugar level. It also helps reduce muscle – joint pain and stress.

10. Geranium Oil – (ESSENTIAL OILS FOR DOGS)

Geranium Oil – protects against diabetes as it reduces blood sugar levels.

Herbs and essential oils for diabetic dogs

All the oils mentioned can be substituted with their herbs too, as essential oils are nothing but the herb or plant in question, in higher concentration.

Thus there are the top 10 best essential oils and herbs for diabetes. This alone would not help though, your dog needs exercise, proper diet, medications, sometimes insulin shots.

These oils and herbs can help prevent diabetes or naturally manage the treatment but they cannot cure or treat diabetes.

What happens if diabetes goes untreated in dogs?

Remember diabetes is incurable but it does not mean that your dog cannot live a normal life.

A little consistency and hard work are all you need to manage your dog’s diabetes.

But before using any of these essential protects, always consult your doctor.

Research on this section is very less and thus the side effects of the same are unknown or very little is known.

Preventing and Treating Canine Diabetes

Also, observe your dog after you have started using essential oil, and not expected or turn for worse behaviours or observations, it is better to stop the oil.

As much as going natural is good, not all dogs take to it and thus it is better to be vigilant to the changes. (ESSENTIAL OILS FOR DOGS)

How to prevent diabetes?

Though diabetes cannot always be prevented, especially if it is genetic, some ways of preventing it are –

  • Exercise your dog
  • Maintain regular check-ups
  • Get your dog spayed, especially females
  • Good quality and nutritious food to be given
  • Not overfeeding your dogs.

Diabetes can be prevent

Overall maintain good health, giving good food, regular doctor check-ups, maintaining basic health and hygiene routine.

Keeping your dog active and mostly giving a lot of love to your dog, if not prevent diabetes, can definitely help keep your fur baby healthy.


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I hope ESSENTIAL OILS FOR DOGS article was useful and informative. Stay tuned for more!