How to Make Dog Pull Toy Braided Rope (Step-By-Step)

Are you a dog owner? If yes, then knowing how to make dog pull toy braided rope will help you. If you own a furry pet, you must know that giving them proper assortments like a readymade suction cup dog toy or handmade toy for spending their leisure time and playing boosts their mood.

Well, dogs are too active and love pulling & running here and there while being messy. And such playful activities keep your pet’s muscle growth healthy. So, are you thinking of how you can make a handmade dog pull toy for your beloved pet? Don’t worry; we will guide you in it.

How to Make Dog Pull Toy Braided Rope at Home?

Braided pull toys are the best way to encourage a playful day for your dog. You can make two types of braided rope toys. One is the standard braid dog toy, and the other is a square braid one. The traditional braid is easier to make with 3 strips, while you will need 4 strips to make the square braid toy.

So, now let’s see in detail how to make these two types of toys for your pup.

How to Make a Regular Braid Dog Toy Rope?

Making the braided dog pull toy for toddlers is an easy way to keep your pets active all day long while playing. There’s no need to pay a hefty amount of bucks to buy the best toy for your dog. You can easily make a pull braided toy by recycling your old clothes, which will make your doggo love it.

Also, the process is not much hard and too simple to make. So, wondering how to make it? Check out the steps given below.

Step 1: First, you need to pick a cozy fabric for your dog toy. You can easily pick any old clothes that you do not wear anymore. You can choose vibrant colors to keep your dog attracted to it more. Then, cut out 2-inches wide strips from the cloth pieces.

Step 2: Select the proper length for your braids. If you are working with a t-shirt, then the strips will come out in the form of loops. Cut through the loops to get longer strips. After that, you can cut according to your choice to meet your length preference. Usually, the end product is going to have a lesser length than the actual strip size. So, keeping that in mind, choose the length accordingly.

Step 3: If you want to make a colorful toy, you need to repeat the cutting process with different colored clothes. Gather the strips of all colors in one place. Make sure each of them is having the same length. To maintain the uniformity, take 9-12 strips for your dog pull toy.

Step 4: Start with tying the first knot for the braid. Gather all strip ends together and create a loop for tying the knot at the top. Firmly pull the loop to tighten the knot. You can also pull one strip at a time for an easier way.

Step 5: Now, you need to start with braiding. Begin with separating the strips into 3 sections. If you are working with multiple colors, either make color groups or mix-and-match to make it look beautiful at the end. Then, braid the strips by intertwining one into another.

Step 6: As you are done with making the braid, you need to tie another knot at the other side to secure it properly. It can feel quite challenging as the braids can slip away. Ensure a tight grip while making the knot. And thus, you are done!

How to Make a Square Braid Dog Toy?

The square braid toy is a bit tough to create than the regular braid toy dog breeds. However, it looks much well-made and prettier as compared to the regular one. So, here is how to make dog pull toy braided rope in a square pattern.

Step 1: Cut 4 lengths from the fabric. It is better to cut about 2-inches wide and 50-inches long strips.

Step 2: Start with tying a regular top knot after gathering all the strips’ ends. Make sure the knot is tight enough.

Step 3: Now, you need to start with braiding the strips. Open 4 strips and convert them into a plus sign on the table. Then, begin with folding the top strips towards the bottom. But make sure you fold it a little to one side. Then, you need to fold the bottom strip towards the top, also keeping it a little bit to the other side.

Step 4: Then fold the right strip towards the left side, making the first one pass over the second. After that, you need to fold the left strip towards the right direction while making it pass over the first strip under the second one. Make sure this process of pulling strips is super tight.

Step 5: As you are done with making a long braid, tie a tight knot on the other end to secure it. You can trim the tail off to make it look neat. And finally, you are done! So, after you have completed making the pull toy, add it to your dog toy box.

Make a Square Braid Dog Toy

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Why going to a shop to buy an expensive robot dog toy when you can gift your furry pet a handmade dog toy created on your own with immense love? Well, once you are done with braiding your dog’s pull rope, give it to him/ her and see how much your pet is going to love it. The toy will undoubtedly make your pet stay hooked on it all day long.