Pure Balance Grain Free Wet Dog Food (Best Options)

Are you looking for the best way to make pure balance grain free wet dog food? Well, if your dog is having digestion problems with grains and gluten, then grain-free foods would be much beneficial for them. These foods also help in maintaining the healthy skin and shiny fur coat of your doggo. Thus, these grain-free dog foods promote growth and ensure overall good health for your furry pet.

Besides, if you do not seem to like the idea of dry food, then serving your dog with pure balance grain free wet food will help in various ways. So, being a dog owner, providing your furry pet with grain-free foods won’t be a bad idea. In case you wish to know more about pure balance grain free wet dog food, keep reading this article.

Why Do You Need to Provide Your Pet with Grain Free Pure Balance Puppy Food?

  • If your dog has an allergy to grains, then serving grain-free pure balance puppy food would be quite useful.
  • Grain-free food does not lack carbohydrates if you add substitutes for grain.
  • You can easily make homemade grain-free dog food by adding vegetables, egg, meat, and oil. Boil all the ingredients together.
  • Add water to store-bought dry grain-free foods.
  • Pure balance grain free wet dog food is good to serve over the grained counterparts if your doggo does not like having the latter one.

So, is your dog often facing stomach upset or becoming obese? Or is it experiencing any food allergy or sensitivity? Well, it’s high time to change the food habit of your canine pet.

Dogs usually lack a strong digestive system, making it difficult for them to metabolize complex carbs and cereals. And inadequate nourishment makes them vulnerable to many diseases. So, you need to maintain a proper balance of easily digestible carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in the dog food to ensure that your pet is getting all the healthy nutrients. In this regard, your veterinarian may suggest you switch to a grain-free diet for your dog.

However, it is better to avoid store-bought dry foods, as most of the dry pure balance canned dog food contains grained ingredients like wheat, corn, rice, oats, soy, rye, etc. So, if your dog is intolerant to any of these ingredients, then it can hamper your dog’s health. Thus, giving proper homemade pure balance wet dog food to your beloved pet adds to its health benefits.

Do the Grain-Free Dog Foods Lack Carbohydrate?

As the pure balance, grain-free dog foods contain zero grain or a minimal amount of grains; it does not deliver grained carbs to your doggo. However, it is easy to make up for the carbohydrates by using grain alternatives. There are various other carbohydrate sources like potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, lentils, quinoa, etc., which are going to serve an appropriate amount of carb to your dog’s diet. Thus, grain-free dog foods do not necessarily have to be carb-free. You can also prepare a grain-free food with a high carbohydrate level as compared to regular grained food.

How Do You Prepare Homemade Grain Free Wet Dog Foods?

Well, you can easily make a pure balance grain free wet food at your home for your doggo. But while preparing grain-free dog food, you need to ensure that you are adding all the essential nutrient-rich ingredients to make up for the lack of grains. Simultaneously, you need to ensure that your dog finds the food tasty and loves having it.

You can use veggies like carrot, pea, potato, French beans, baby spinach, etc. Make sure you are chopping them into fine pieces for easy chewing of your dog. The vegetables will serve the proper amount of vitamins and minerals to your dog. Also, don’t hesitate to add apple, as it is a good antioxidant and boosts the food’s taste.

Make sure the food delivers enough energy with each serve. Adding some proteinaceous ingredients is going to be much helpful. Add a little amount of minced egg and shredded or grounded chicken to enhance your dog food’s protein content. Also, you can add chicken livers, which are a rich source of iron. 

For serving the right amount of fat to your pet’s diet, use cooking oil. You can either bring the whole ingredients to a boil while adding water to it or cook the food for a few minutes under pressure. Cook until all the ingredients are firm and easy to mash.

How Can You Make the Store-Bought Grain Free Dry Dog Foods Wet?

In case you have bought grain-free dry foods from the store, you can quickly turn them into pure balance wet dog food. How?

Well, you can either soak it properly in warm water for 1½ hours before serving it to your dog or make it more delicious and flavorful by adding milk or chicken and vegetable broth.

Grained or Grain-Free Dog Food – Which One is Good?

Grained dog food works as a rich source of healthy nutrients, essential for your dog’s muscle and health build-up. Grains like wheat, rice, etc., contains a high amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients, which makes it worth serving your dog with grained foods.

But in case your dog is having a problem with gluten or grain protein, you need to make a change in its diet. Picking a pure balance grain free dog food over the grained one in such cases becomes very useful and is a smart choice. You can also compensate for the nutrients by adding vegetables, lentils, & meat and make the food healthier and tastier.


Serving your dog the right proportion of nutrients is the best way to ensure its good health. However, if your dog does not like the grained foods or faces difficulty digesting them, you can easily shift to pure balance grain free wet dog food and make every meal of your pet delicious and healthy, ensuring proper growth. Remember to consult your vet before making any change to your dog’s diet!