Soft Dry Dog Food for Dogs with Bad Teeth: Why Should You Choose

Do you know that opting for soft dry dog food for dogs with bad teeth can be the best way to give your dog the proper nutrition? Whether it is their genetically inherited bad teeth or irregular-shaped fangs due to aging, your dear pet will face a lot of pain while eating. And this will cause a lack of adequate nutrition in your doggo, resulting in its poor health.

Well, dental problems are quite prevalent among dogs. The smaller breeds usually suffer due to the lesser area of accommodation of all the teeth in their mouth, which leads to various dental issues. It troubles them while chewing food and even causes panting while eating, which ultimately leads to various health hazards.

So are you wondering how to solve it with the best soft dry dog food? Well, then keep reading this article to get a detailed answer to your query.

Why is it Important to Use Soft Dry Dog Food for Dogs with Bad Teeth?

  • Your dog’s dental problems lead to pain or bleeding of their gums while eating hard food like bones or biscuits. Thus, soft dry dog food will give your pet an easier way to chew and gulp the food properly without much trouble to your teeth or gums.
  • Dry food helps in preventing plaque build-up in your doggo’s teeth.
  • Soft food is good for their gums.
  • You can also add water to the dry food to prepare a soft paste that is easy to eat.
Soft Dry Dog Food for Dogs with Bad Teeth

Vets mostly recommend soft dry dog food for dogs with bad teeth to ensure easy eating of your doggo, which, in turn, serves appropriate nutrition to your pet.

Why is Dry Dog Food Good?

When your dog is having a problem with its teeth, your vet may prescribe certain dry foods available for them. Usually, the moist or wet dog food that comes within a can tends to stick to the dog’s teeth. If the setting of the teeth is uneven, then the food is going to reside in them, leading to cavities, bacteria formation, and decay.

But the dry foods would not stick to your dog’s teeth and prevent plaque build-up. However, if your dog is experiencing too much pain while chewing, then giving hard, dry kibbles is not recommended. 

Why Should You Consider Soft Food?

Is your dog having a reduced appetite or less interest in food while feeding? Well, then one of the reasons can be an extreme pain in their teeth. If your dog faces trouble chewing or gulping the food, then the first thing you need to do is offer them very soft and tender food, which they can easily eat.

A soft dry dog food is thus going to soothe your dog’s gums and relieve it from pain. Nevertheless, mushy foods are not suitable for teeth. In case your dog is left with only a few teeth, consider giving the blended puree form of food, which is not going to pressurize their gum.

How Do You Prepare the Right Soft Food for Your Dog?

As you cannot offer your dog regular foods if it has bad teeth conditions, you need to put a little more effort into preparing the right food for your pet. So how do you do it? Well, check out the steps below.

Soften the Dry Foods by Adding Water

If you prefer feeding your dog with kibbles, then the best thing you can do is add some water to soften them. Kibbles are much porous, so when you add water to them, the kibbles will instantaneously absorb the water. Thus, it will kill the crunchy texture and prepare a soft mush.

The kibble pieces are going to be in shape, but the texture will become soft. Also, you can mash it properly before giving it to your dog. The soft dry dog food for seniors kibble is going to be easier for your doggo to lick and chew.

Soften the Dry Foods with Other Liquids to Make it Flavorful

Besides pouring water into the dry food to soften it, you can even add a moderate amount of flavored liquid like chicken or vegetable stock to the food for at least one hour before serving it to your pet.

In case you want to make the dog food more flavorful, you can add milk or any meat broth to boost its taste. It will grow your dog’s interest in consuming the food.

Mix Canned Food with Dry Dog Food

It is an excellent idea to combine canned wet food along with dry kibbles to give your doggo’s meal a very soft and delicious upgrade, which it is going to love. But make sure you’ve taken permission from your vet before doing so.

Mixing the canned food with dry dog food keeps a good balance of softness and nutrition, which helps much for your dog’s bad teeth condition.


So, never avoid the signs of bad teeth condition in your dog. Even a minute symptom of teeth problem needs to be taken care of at an early stage, as it can cause serious health issues. Besides giving a painful sensation, bad teeth condition also reduces your dog’s appetite, which leads to muscle loss and weakening.

Thus, offering your furry buddy healthy soft dry dog food not only soothes its pain but also serves it with adequate nourishment. Always ensure a proper diet with regular check-ups to keep your dog healthy and happy.