Things you need to know before buying pet insurance

Insurance is a form of protection against the risk of an uncertain loss. Thus people insure their valuables such as a house, jewellery, car etc to avoid financial loss in case of burglary, destruction etc. (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

People also get health insurance, it aids in paying the medical bill. Similarly, people with pets, opt for pet insurance which aids in making payments for the medical expense of the sick or injured animal.

Dog Health insurance keeps your dog protective

There are several reasons for dog parents to ensure their pet. It aids in giving the best medical services and treatment to the dog.

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Some insurance policies also give a lump sum amount in case the pet dies or is stolen. Certain insurances are specialized with dogs. (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Healthy Paws customers can: Submit a claim from anywhere with no claim form Check the status of claims Manage their pet policy online
Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation, the #1 customer rated pet insurance plan, is now also the first pet insurance company to do away with the claim form! Simply take a picture of your invoice, submit it, and we will be processing your claim before you are even home from the animal hospital.
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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Love this app! All I have to do is photo my vet’s invoice with my Kindle and hit ‘submit’! The invoice is acknowledged within hours and my reimbursement is received in a few days. Couldn’t be easier.

Best pet insurance for dogs

As proper medical treatment is expensive, many insurances provide medical benefits to the dog owners against dog caused injuries like dog bites.

Some policies also provide monetary compensation for the loss of a pet, not that money can replace your loved ones, but it certainly helps, especially if you have other pets. (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

Pet insurance for dogs

The reduction in the medical bills, the ease of paying for the insurance, your reduced stressed levels, make pet insurance worth it.

Things you need to know before buying pet health insurance

This type of insurance is called Dog Replacement Insurance. The money paid is calculated by determining the purchasing value of your dog. (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

Some insurance companies also provide for cremation or burial costs.

Is pet insurance worth it?

Fun fact you can legally ensure your doggo, twice but you can only claim one policy at a time. A bit of advice, save your money by investing in only one policy, two do not give you any special benefit.

Also if you have multiple dogs, firstly you are damn lucky, secondly several insurance companies provide for insurance for multiple pets and most of these are customized.

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Pet plan has one of the best and cheap dog insurance for multiple pets. (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

How to buy pet insurance?

The pet insurance companies provide from general to customised insurances.

Generally, insurances cover either accidents only thus paying for the medical bills of the injuries caused by an accident such as broken bones, snake bites etc.

Such insurances generally suit police or hard labour dogs; or accidents and illness, covering both illnesses – cancer, skin condition, hereditary problems etc and the accident caused injuries. (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

Can you have 2 pet insurance policies?

It is best for dogs who are susceptible to illnesses; and comprehensive coverage covers all of the above and also vaccinations and other preventive health treatments like de-sexing, dental care etc.

This policy is the best kind of policy, though it does not cover abuse, ambulance costs, pre-existing conditions etc.(Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

An animal health care plan

One thing to keep in mind is that no insurance company covers pre-existing conditions or injuries or any illness.

If your dog got this injury or condition during the waiting period or even before you applied for insurance, it would not be covered in your selected insurance.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Best Values

Pet Insurance – Is Pet Insurance Worth It Reviews and Comparison of Pet Insurance
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Dog Health Insurance

It is preferable to buy dog insurance as soon as you get yourself a furry friend.

It will help you with the medical bills and other benefits, but again it is on you when you want to buy insurance.

When should I buy pet insurance?

Though some insurance companies such as Trupanion, expect your dog to be below the age of fourteen years. Also, early insurance buying makes sure that no preexisting condition comes up.

To buy a dog insurance policy, you need to decide on your needs first, calculate how much money you can afford to shed. (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

Research your dog’s breed so as to learn about the illnesses your dog is predisposed to, talk to your vet.

see your dog’s medicinal history and then research on the existing policies and whichever policy best suits your dog’s and your need, choose that.

Should I have my dog insurance?

Generally, every insurance company has its own site or a number you can call that will get you started with the process, sometimes you might have to either visit their office or write to them.

Remember to research on the insurance policy, read the fine print, the agreement thoroughly, if required use professional help to find the best pet insurance.

What is Pet Insurance

What is Pet Insurance: Is it Worth the Price Reviews and Comparison Best Values

What is Pet Insurance – Is it Worth the Price Reviews and Comparison

Dog insurance companies details

The cost of pet insurance varies widely: a monthly premium may range from as low as $10 to greater than $100, but most pet rage. (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

Your pet’s age and breed, as well as your residential area and the package you choose, will all be factored into your insurance rates.

The average cost of insurance is significantly higher for dogs than cats, on average being up to 60% more expensive for accident and illness policies.

Older animals and larger animals tend to face higher pet insurance rates, as they are predisposed towards the most health issues.

Compare pet insurance

So with prices ranging from pocket change to a significant drain on your finances, it can be hard to make sure that you are getting the coverage you need without overspending?

To help you decide, we have done research on the best pet insurance available for dogs in the USA. We compare them for you, making it easier to make a well-informed decision for your fur baby.

Pet Insurance Buyer's Guide

Pet Insurance Buyer's Guide Best Values

Pet Insurance Buyer's Guide – Everything a Dog and Cat Parent Needs to Know About Buying Pet Insurance (Pet Insurance Reviews Book 1)

Dog insurance comparison chart

Here you can see the comparison of the dog’s insurance company. (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance) 

ASPCA dog health insurance

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers a solid plan within a range of 30$ to 50$. They offer coverage of not only illness and accidents but also cover routine care.

They also have the option to make direct payments to the vet so you don’t have to pay a hefty bill and wait for reimbursement.

ASPCA health insurance details

pet insurance that covers dog pre-existing conditions On the other hand, when speaking of reimbursements several customers have reported low reimbursements.

Added to a 14 day waiting period to process claims for illness and accidents, which include knee and ligament injuries, the ASPCA is not without its cons.

Check for more information.

Petplan pet insurance

Petplan is a strong contender for best pet insurance in the USA.

It provides all the benefits of the ASPCA, (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

as well as a 24/7 helpline and assurance of 5-day claim processing.
It is comprehensive, fast and has some of the best reimbursement rates.

Dog insurance pre-existing conditions

The only catch is the price. Witch prices for a plan for your dog ranging between 80$ to 120$.

It is definitely one of the more expensive options.

If you’re willing to shell out the extra cash, Petplan is the insurance for you.

Check for more information. (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

Trupanion pet insurance

Trupanion offers a multitude of different packages and optional benefits, allowing you to cater to the specific needs of your pet.

These can cover additional expenses as diverse as physical therapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and even behavioural modification.

They also offer up to 90% reimbursement with no limit on payouts.

With Trupanion you can rest easy with your dog covered in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

The Ping Project: How we trained a diabetic alert dog at home

The Ping Project: How we trained a diabetic alert dog at home Best Values

Diabetic alert dogs can detect when a diabetic’s blood sugar level is too high or too low with amazing accuracy (often 10 -20 minutes before their blood meter).

Trupanion pet insurance details

However, this is another option that may be a little hard on the pocket.

with the monthly instalments hitting over 100$ on average for larger dogs.

It is also important to note that they do not cover the cost of an examination by the vet.

Check for more information. (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

Healthy Paws pet insurance

Healthy Paw is a personal favourite. They offer all the benefits of the more expensive plans with refreshing rates, not exceeding 60$.

They offer unlimited lifetime coverage so you are spared annual or per incident limits on claims.

Your pet is covered in both the USA and Canada.

They also have a great record of customer satisfaction with timely responses and quick processing.

Healthy Paws pet insurance importance

While they lack coverage of veterinary exams (similar to Trupanion) or behavioural modification.

The price vs coverage is hard to beat.

While Healthy Paws is on average the best plan we can recommend, it is not for everybody.

A major downside is that if your dog is over 6 years old it cannot be covered for hip dysplasia (a very common complaint of large breed dogs). (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

Dog best plan details

If it is over 8 years old your dog will be restricted to 60% reimbursement and a 750$ annual deductible.

If your pet falls in either of those categories, Healthy Paws may not be for you.

Nationwide pet insurance

So while Nationwide may appear to be a good option for anyone out there with a more exotic breed, remember to be wary.

Nationwide display things differently than the competition, in a good way. For example, they provide an exhaustive list of the exact illnesses that are or are not covered.

Which is a blessing if your dog breed is prone to a particular illness that may not be commonly covered by insurance.

Nationwide pet insurance details

They are one of the few companies to cover exotic pets and rare conditions. The price is not too heavy either with quotes as low as 25$ monthly.

However, there is a laundry list of complaints from customers ranging from long waiting periods to fraudulent checks.
Check for more information.  (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

Petsmart insurance plan for dogs

While often referred to as insurance, Petsmart’s insurance/medical care plans are a little different. They offer a range of what are referred to as “wellness” plans for your pet.

These plans have a focus on the provision of regular preventative medicine and care.

Petsmart is an investment partner at Banfield Hospitals, which are available at select Petsmart locations. (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)

Petsmart insurance plans details

With over 900 locations, the goal of a Banfield Petsmart insurance/Wellness plan is to encourage you to bring your pet to their vets for regular check-ups and medical treatment affordable.

This is definitely a rather unique option, but may just be what you’re looking for to take regular care of your dog.

Thus read a little, research a little more and choose the plan that suits your pet the best!

I hope this article was useful, stay tuned for more! (Things you need to know before buying pet insurance)