A Chicken Meal in Dog Food (Good or Bad)

A dog needs a high amount of protein in its meal. Thus, most of the meals available for dogs are enriched in protein, carbs, and fat that improve their muscles’ growth, offer proper energy and make them full. And for serving these purposes, nothing can be better than a chicken meal? So, are you wondering what is chicken meal in dog food?

Well, chicken meals for dogs refer to the processed chicken meats, which are high in protein and other essential nutrients to ensure their proper growth and health. Such a meal contains clean skin, flesh, and bones of chicken, which are processed and packaged to produce a healthy meal for the dogs.

So, here is everything that you must know about a chicken meal for your dog.

What Does a Chicken Meal in Dog Food Comprise?

The chicken meal in dog food contains fresh and clean flesh and skin of the chicken. Sometimes, it also has tiny bones. The meal does not include any heads, feet, feathers, or other intestinal organs of a chicken. Only pure flesh and underlayer of the skin is served through the meal, which is entirely safe for your dog.

Chicken Meal

The processing of store-bought chicken meal includes drying and grinding of deboned chicken. Then, the ground chicken is concentrated to produce chicken granules that most of the dog-food company offers. These foods are an efficient source of bioavailable protein that strengthens the dogs’ muscles and gives them enough fuel to lead an entire day filled with activities.

Which Contains More Protein – Whole Chicken or Chicken Meal?

When it comes to dog food, protein gets more priority than any other nutrient. And an adequate amount of protein can be obtained from meat foods. So, are you thinking, “is chicken good for dogs”? Well, a whole chicken is undoubtedly a good source of protein. But surprisingly, a chicken meal contains a better protein level than a regular whole chicken.

This meal is the end product obtained from drying and rendering a whole chicken. The rendering method of cooking involves the process of overcooking the chicken to cook away the water. And after that, the residue is baked to dry the chicken properly so that it can be grounded well.

A whole chicken contains approximately 70% of water and 18% of protein. In contrast, the rendered chicken meal contains only 10-15% of water and more than 60% of protein.

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What are the Benefits of Providing Your Dog with a Chicken Meal?

Various dog-meal manufacturing companies come up with the best quality pure meat foods, filled with great benefits. So, here are some of those benefits discussed that you are going to give your dog while feeding them with chicken meals:

1. Great Source of Protein

As we have discussed earlier that the chicken meals are high in protein and low in water. Whether it is a puppy or a grown-up dog, every canine pet needs a significant amount of protein to keep up to its good health. Also, protein works as the primary energy source for dogs.

2. Serves Proper Calorie

The chicken meal in dog food is an excellent source of calories, which your pet requires to stay active and accomplish all its daily activities. On the other hand, whole chicken does not offer a hefty amount of calorie count; instead, it just maintains the balance for the requirement of a healthy dog.

3. Pre-Processed

While serving a chicken meal to your dog, there’s no need to go through the entire task of preparing and boiling the chicken. Chicken meals come pre-processed. So, all you need to do is open the packet and serve it in your dog’s food bowl.

4. Facilitates Muscle Growth

During their growth period, dogs require food to develop their muscles and keep them healthy and strong. A chicken meal or a bone meal for dogs filled with healthy properties makes your dog feel full and facilitates easy digestion, generating vital nutrients to ensure proper muscle growth.

5. Serves Adequate Nutrients

Chicken meals are not only a good source of protein but also contain carbohydrates, fat, fibers, and other essential nutrients. Chicken meal serves glucosamine, which works as the building block for cartilage tissue in dogs. It lets your furry pet have a healthy and active bone joint.

A chicken meal is also completely safe for dogs and delivers all the nutrients essential for developing a healthy immune system.

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What Makes the Chicken Meals for Dogs Different from Other By-Products of Chicken?

As said earlier, the chicken meal in dog food contains processed, clean, and fresh rendered chicken flesh, skin, and a small number of bones.

Whereas the other dog foods, which are the by-products of chicken, contain other nutrient-rich parts of a chicken, obtained after removing its flesh. These parts may include the chicken’s liver, lungs, spleen, and kidneys.

How to Avoid Poor Quality Chicken Meals for Dogs?

The quality of chicken meals varies from one manufacturer to another. To give your dog the best of its nutrition, you need to ensure that you are providing high-quality chicken meals every time. And for doing so, you need to recognize the low-quality chicken meals to avoid them strictly.

Chicken Meals for Dogs

So, here is how you can do it.

Avoid those dog foods that have the tag of “by-products” in their ingredient description. The by-products are inferior quality meat or the leftovers from the slaughterhouses.

Consider avoiding those dog foods that fail to mention the specific animal source used to derive the meat. Always check the ingredients to know what is there inside the packet.

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Chicken meals in dog food are undoubtedly safe to feed your canine pet if you have picked the good quality one. You better not compromise with your dog’s health, and that’s why it is essential to take advice from your vet before deciding upon your pet’s diet.